Tasting Notes: BenRiach – 10 Years Old Curiositas


BenRiach lies at ‘the heart of Speyside’ – so much so that that is actually the name one of their whiskies – and it is one of the few genuinely independent distilleries of single malt whisky remaining in Scotland. They’ve developed a fine repertoire of whiskies and have started to expand into their own empire by purchasing the Glendronach and Glenglassaugh distilleries in recent years. The 10 year old Curiositas proudly demonstrates BenRiach’s approach to peating their barley in addition to the light peating made from the local spring water sources.

ABV: 40%

BenRiach – 10 Years Old Curiositas


Peaty and earthy power upfront and a little peppery/spicy hit.



A real mouthful of flavour with that black peppery spice making everything zing before being pummelled further by a peaty blast.



Thick, long, heavily woody and smoky.



This was a gift to me from S, who was recommended it as a peaty alternative to my usual Islay nightcap options. Thanks to the dude at The Whisky Shop in Oxford for that recommendation too! It is a complex dram that is packed with strong flavours that should be savoured over slow sipping  – definitely only one in a night and it needs a drop of water or ten to tame it, as it packs quite the alco-peaty one-two punch.


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