Tasting Notes: Ardbeg – Ardcore

Islay. It has a special meaning for scotch whisky drinkers. What can be more special then, than a week celebrating all that the island has to offer? The last week of May / start of June marks the annual Feis Ile - the Islay Festival of malt and music. Each of the distilleries on the... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Ardbeg – Blaaack

If you’re a peat-head then you know Ardbeg. If you’re an Ardbeg fan (Ardbeggian?) then you know Ardbeg Day. Since 2001, the Ileachs have celebrated their wares as part of the Islay festival, and since 2011 a special release has been made to mark that day. At first it was the infamous Alligator release, which... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Ardbeg – Uigaedail

Pronounced oo-gah-dahl, and named after the loch that provides Ardbeg with its spring water on the south east of Islay, this peaty puncher is one of the distillery's core expressions. The master distillers have taken their revered smoky malt and given it a final and thorough sherry butt maturation. Bottled at a high percentage, this... Continue Reading →

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