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whisky unplugged was created by a few friends, each hailing from different countries, who have come together because of a mutual love and appreciation for a wee dram. We don’t think that enjoying whisky should be an exclusive men’s club type thing, so this site has been put together for those who are similarly minded and don’t want to deal with the snobbery that can sometimes come with it. The name harkens back to the idea of unplugged music sessions, where the full production and arrangements of songs are stripped back to the basics in their pure state, without any pretence, and that’s what we like to do with whisky. We believe that whisky is a subjective pleasure, where everyone’s opinion is a valid one and because we can’t even agree on some things between us, we’ve put down our thoughts to share our stories and opinions to show that diversity and we welcome you to the fold. As they say in Scotland, slainte!

whisky unplugged


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