Orkney Unplugged: Our Top Ten!

Why bother with Orkney? Well, two things spring to mind for whisky drinkers: Highland Park and Scapa! However, as WU discovered, there is so much more to Orkney than this fine pair of distilleries. If natural beauty and some of the most important historical sites in Northern Europe pique your interest, then read on for... Continue Reading →

Distillery Visit: Old Pulteney

It's fair to say that when the trip of a lifetime was arranged between three of us from WU to head up to Orkney, we were pretty excited about the prospect of dropping into Old Pulteney on the way. Many a whisky drinking session ended up in grand plans of heading up the northeast coastal... Continue Reading →

A Rare Gem: Yubberton

When you think of The Cotswolds area in the UK, you come to imagine: rolling hills; protected green spaces; beautiful yellow stone buildings; pretty little towns and villages that have multiple words within their name; decadent living; and glorious pubs. After a tip off from a friend, a trip had been organised to one such... Continue Reading →

Distillery Visit: Glenfarclas

When the WU guys were putting together a trip to visit Speyside, needless to say that we were spoilt for choice. With over half of Scotland's distilleries being based in the area surrounding the meandering River Spey, and none of our 4-strong troop having been to the region before, we were living and breathing the... Continue Reading →

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