Tasting Notes: GlenAllachie – Port Wood Finish (10 Years Old)

Following hot on the heels [in whisky terms] of a successful rebrand and release of a new core range of whiskies last year, this summer sees the launch of a new trio of single malts by the GlenAllachie. The new range of age statement whiskies has each had a different cask finish in their final 18 months prior to bottling. This 10yo represents the middle child of the releases (the others being an 8yo and 12yo), which has been matured in American oak casks for the majority of its life before being transferred to a Port Pipe for its final days. The whisky has then been bottled at 48% ABV, and is available for ca. £56.

The GlenAllachie – 10 Years Old Port Wood Finish Sample


Well this is suited to a summer release as this has all the key components of an afternoon tea here: crumbly scones, cream and a nice dark blackcurrant jam. There’s more jam than cream on this one too. A nice little bit of oak in there too for good measure. Some talk of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut to it too.



Lots of individual fruits are now coming out for attention. There are the red berries (of the straw and rasp varieties), cherries, blackcurrants, raisins, plums, oranges, and a little cinnamon spice to it all too. It’s not just all fruits here as I am getting that milk chocolatey note again too.



This has a nice, warming oaky spice to it – it’s not attacking the tastebuds or throat but is definitely warming the cockles. It’s all just very calm. The signature oak spice and oaky wood flavour itself appear here too. The fruits have all but disappeared and dissipated rather quickly amidst this final oaky melee.



Well, this is a midsummer night’s dram. So light and so many summery, fruity flavours are just bursting out. The return to spice and oak as you swallow it down are a good reminder that this is a whisky we’re talking about here after all and not a dessert. You wonder if a longer maturation would have kept the fruits bursting throughout the tasting experience, but I’ll take the oak spice any day. That said, the tasting event also included a solely Port Pipe matured release whisky, which has been released to mark the 10 year anniversary of whisky vlogging hero Ralfy(.com), and that did make for an even fruitier affair. Of the three releases in the Wood Finish range however, this Port Wood Finish was my favourite and definitely makes the case for summertime dramming, and keeping those peaty players kept behind for the longer nights in the wintry months. A lovely sweet summer sipper with enough pep to satisfy the more traditional single malt needs too.


The GlenAllachie – Wood Finish Range 

Sample disclosure: This sample was received as part of a promotional Tweet Tasting event for The GlenAllachie to celebrate the release of their new Wood Finish series. All notes are however written as an honest, fair and independent review of the whisky.

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