News: Loch Fyne Launches A New Range Of Single Cask Whiskies

A while back, I spent a looooong time in a certain whisky shop in Inveraray. The staff were super friendly, really knowledgeable, and thankfully patient! Ever since then I have checked in on Loch Fyne Whiskies and do enjoy the emails landing in my inbox headed “Hamish at Loch Fyne”.

Having offered the somewhat unique Living Cask bottlings under their own name and a selection of single cask releases, I was delighted to read today that they are launching their own “Fynest Series” – a new range of some really top end single cask offerings.

All the details are available here – Loch Fyne – but the initial releases of a 19yo Bunnahabhain, a 45yo Invergordon, and a 20yo Glengoyne seems like a damn Fyne start to things.

One Fyne Day

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