Happy Father’s Day & Lagavulin’s Offerman Edition v2

Happy Father’s Day to all out there.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Nick Offerman and all that he does and very eloquently says. So as I raise a glass of ‘regular’ Lagavulin on this day (I love it), I thought I’d share the promo video for his second collaborative release with Lagavulin: The Offerman Edition – Guinness Cask Finish

Whilst it has already been released in the US with the Father’s Day angle, it will be gracing the UK shores (where it was made?!?!) later in the year. Yes, it may be slightly after-the-event, but I’m sure all peatheads and Laga-fans will be poised and ready once it comes up for release back here in Blighty.

Cheers / slainte.

Update: Photo made from lucky purchase!


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