Tasting Notes: Bruichladdich – The Laddie Ten

Bruichladdich - The Laddie Ten

Bruichladdich – The Laddie Ten

I (MH) recently had the pleasure of being featured on the Amateur Drammer’s Desert Island Drams, and you can peruse my musings here. For our own site, then I thought I’d best post a full review of my dram of choice!

Of all the whiskies available in the world right now, there are few that are as well branded and marketed as Bruichladdich. Whilst they are visibly contemporary they also manage to respectfully maintain the class and history behind their distillery, which is a very difficult balancing act, and this is clearly something that they are proud of. According to the blurb on the bottle, the new Bruichladdich 10 year old unpeated Islay single malt scotch whisky symbolises the hard effort that has gone into the rebranding and restoration of Bruichladdich, led by master distiller Jim McEwan. Having had just one taste of the Laddie Ten you’ll realise that whatever those efforts have been, the rewards are simply astounding.

ABV: 46%



Sweet with hints of the sea – exactly like the air at the Laddie Pier at Loch Indaal


It is a light drop but is packed with loads of flavour. Vanilla. Oak. Slight fruit.


Delicate, quick and more-ish! Vanilla sweetness throughout.


Quite simply, it is excellence in a glass. It stands up to the hype and the big branding behind it to deliver something that is timeless and should be a definite standard on anyone’s shelf.

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