Tasting Notes: Glenfiddich – 15 Years Old Solera Vat

Okay, we’ve all seen it: the Glenfiddich range adorning the shelves of supermarkets, but is it worth having a dabble with?

If you’re feeling flush then the 15yr Distillery Edition is the daddy to go for (and it is a pretty decent drop!). However a little bird told me there ain’t a lot of difference between that and the 15yr Solera Vat bottling. So thank you Mr Sainsbury’s for an offer I had to snap up! Solera Vat for £30!

I won’t bore on about the colour inside of the Solera Vat or which way the wind was blowing when the bottling took place, but I will have a stab at the important stuff, is it drinkable?


ABV: 40%


Okay so the caramel stick has had a stir around here to get the uniform colour no real whisky lover cares too much about, fortunately it’s not really that present in the taste, thankfully.  What is present is Sherry, crisp iceberg lettuce (seriously) and a fruity spiciness (hints of Christmas I thought). In all a whisky that’s lovely to leave on the tongue generally.


It’s not a big firework show of a finish but it is more than above par, it is a lasting finish though, that tells your grey cells to pick the glass up again! Quickly!


A great single malt for the money, bit of a crowd pleaser! I’m certainly gonna keep one in stock, I think it’s an all year round whisky for when you’ve just gotta scratch that Glenfidd-itch! 8.5/10



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