Tasting Notes: Bruichladdich – Rocks

Since their takeover and refresh in 2001, Bruichladdich have been absolutely on point with their marketing and offerings. Very fashionable. Very cool. This whisky has been targeted at challenging the traditonal whisky snob and, as the name suggests, it is recommended to be served on ice, i.e. on the rocks. When released this was a cheap and cheerful unpeated Bruichladdich with no-age-statement and very much aimed at the younger market as an alternate entry level dram.

ABV: 46%


Bruichladdich – Rocks


Medicinal notes with that charactieristic Laddie scent. Barley and ocean spray (believe me).



Harsh at first with a youthful punch which hides a salted caramel taste.



Quite harsh again but sweet caramel notes and coated throat. Adding the requisite rocks does open this up to be a very sweet and simple dram. Easy sipping. A bit more of a summery whisky.



I’m a big fan of Bruichladdich and have had this one knocking around for a long time since I heard that it is no longer made. It was a nice variation on their classic taste. It was definitely a youthful Laddie with a very sweet delivery and a distinct salted caramel taste. Obviously the harshness smooths out when served on the rocks, as it’s name requests, but it still retains that Laddie taste. Was it just an experiment to cash on some marketing? Maybe. Was it gimmicky? Probably. Was it worth it? You bet.


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