Tasting Notes: Fettercairn – Fasque

Fettercairn distillery is owned by whisky giants Whyte & Mackay and is based at the foot of the Grampian Hills in the Highlands. Whilst the majority of their whisky goes off for blending, the distillery does offer a handful of single malt whiskies. The spirit itself comes from a fairly unique still which is cooled by the river water that flows by the distillery. The Fasque offering is an unpeated dram from the Fettercairn “estate bottling”.

ABV: 42%

Fettercairn – Fasque


Mulled wine spices and a whole bunch of sherried goodness.



Sweet at first with candied orange before some dark chocolate flavours and bitterness take over.



Quite harsh on the way down but it mellows out to reveal lasting Christmas pudding flavours. A little bit of heartburn from time to time here.



It’s a cheap and cheerful dram that has a festive flavoured feel and is available at a price that makes for a good present or just bit of a bargain for your whisky collection. Not groundbreaking but certainly ticking the “winter warmer” boxes at a price that’s hard to beat and a little something different to the standard UK supermarket fodder.



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