News: The Highland Park 15yo Is BACK!

If you’ve been on this site before then you’ll know that we are huge fans of Highland Park whiskies – see numerous tasting notes and posts here – so if you’re anything like us then you’ll be signed up to the Highland Park newsletter.

For the HP die-hards, there have been a few social media posts teasing a new release and they have featured a distinctive green note within their Viking designs, which was hoped to be the signpost of the 15yo returning. And how!

Today, Highland Park have confirmed the return of the 15yo expression, but not as we know it. Or at least: not how we recognise it! For the occasion, they have teamed up with Stoke’s Wade Ceramics to encase the new release in a ceramic bottle with all the usual Viking knotted embellishments!

Retailing at RRP £80 and bottled at 44% ABV, the 15yo will be available soon – watch this space.

Official link here: Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart

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