Lessons learned at Laphroaig?

As the 200th birthday celebrations continue, the good folk at Laphroaig have announced the release of this year’s Cairdeas release, which is (not surprisingly) limited in numbers and exclusively available to the Friends of Laphroaig.

Whilst it is hardly an exclusive club, given that it is free for anyone to join, as ever you’ve got to be in it win it, and it seems that the moaning masses referred to in WU’s previous article Laphroaig – 15 Years Old (Slight Return) have been heard this time around.

Following a mailshot to all FoL members, the email recipients had to essentially put their name in a hat to have the chance at owning a bottle of the limited release. The opt-in ballot also gave members the opportunity to select whether they were bidding for one or two bottles. After a time-frame of 3 days, the ballot was closed and within hours all applicants were emailed as to whether or not they had been successful. Fortunately, we at WU were successful, albeit the “popular demand” of the release meant that each applicant’s allowance was in fact just the one bottle of the 2015 Cairdeas.

“Cairdeas” itself translates from Gaelic to “friendship” and although the laphroaig.com website has not yet got a section detailing this 2015 Cairdeas release (and therefore currently remains rant-free), hopefully the use of the ballot has kept some of those friendships alive.


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