News: Collection of American Bourbon Greats To Go Under The Hammer This Independence Day

A collection of bourbon whiskies from past and present American greats is set to go under the hammer on Independence Day by specialist whisky auction site, Whisky Hammer.


A unique selection of bourbon and other sought-after American whiskies will be put up for auction on Monday 4th July as part of Whisky Hammer’s The Spirit of America Whiskey Auction – coinciding with Independence Day.


With one bottle valued up to £25,000, many of the desirable expressions hold an illustrious position in American whiskey history from brands such as Pappy Van Winkle, Old Forester, Stitzel-Weller, EH Taylor and Willett Family Estate.


E.H Taylor Old Fashioned Sour Mash will also go under the hammer, with a price estimate of £13,000. This bourbon was created by Buffalo Trace retirees using a method used for making ‘old fashioned sour mash’ whiskey – a technique used by Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr in the late 1800s.

The Colonel


Private sellers can add bottles to the auction by getting in touch with Whisky Hammer before the submission deadline of Monday 27th June – contact details can be found at


Daniel Milne, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Whisky Hammer, said: “This is an exciting collection for us to be auctioning – and not just because of the variety of bourbon on offer. Some of the stories behind these bottles are fascinating and give an insight into different time periods in American whiskey.


“Many bourbon collectors have never taken part in an auction before, so this is their chance to bid on and secure a drop of bourbon history.”


Online whisky auction business Whisky Hammer was started in 2016 by brothers Daniel and Craig Milne who are originally from Macduff, near Speyside, an area renowned for the production of Scotch whisky.


Whisky Hammer re-located in 2019 to a new, purpose-built facility in Aberdeenshire, which is also home to Still Spirit – a whisky shop, e-commerce site and dram bar offering over 100 rare whiskies to taste while overlooking the beautiful Scottish countryside.


The business hosts monthly auctions dedicated to whisky and other fine spirits, which attract more than 200,000 buyers and sellers from every corner of the globe. It has auctioned a wide range of whiskies, both bottles and casks, recently achieving the world record for the highest value cask ever sold at auction.


The Spirit of America Whiskey Auction will go live on Whisky Hammer from 7pm (BST) on Monday 4thJuly. For further information or to register interest, visit

Disclaimer: This note was sent to me by Whisky Hammer without any obligation to post. I have shared the news article as I think it is one worth sharing!

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