I seem to have said to many friends lately that this time of year always manages to bring about change. No matter how long I’ve been out of the education system now, it still seems that the start of the new academic year in September and October will bring about something new.

This may be because we never really escape the educational year, as internships and new jobs tend to start in line with new graduates getting ready to start their careers, or because within our families or friendship circles, we’ll still have people in education and will be aware of it. How many parents will be working during the half term weeks if they can help it?

To me, this sense of change is no greater indicated than the change in weather. (How very British you must think, but hear me out…) The change of the season from Summer to Autumn really does feel magical. There’s something in the air. The colder mornings and crisp breeze always signifies a time of change. The darker mornings and earlier evenings seem to strike the House Stark in us all: Winter Is Coming.

Dead Leaves On The Dirty Ground

Over the last few years, I’ve celebrated this time with an adopted Germanic theme courtesy of the Oktoberfest celebrations – or more accurately: the Oktoberfest beers. Each September I’ll get in a few Festbiers and the current year’s Märzens and savour the longer drinks with a higher percentage to symbolise the time of year (Ayinger and Hacker-Pschorr, in particular, should that be of any interest).

Ayinger Kirtabier and Stein

For a few people, the name of the month of October has been taken to signpost and instigate healthier habits: “Stop-tober” is used within the UK as a major annual drive to try and help people to quit smoking. Closer to home is the “Go Sober For October” movement which seeks to try and encourage sponsored sobriety. Whilst I won’t be taking part in these events – nor will I cast any dispersions about those who seek to use them – they are there to help you.

Whilst I have mentioned that I will be partaking in a few German beers within the month, I do generally calm down the drinking in October but nowadays, for those who saw my posts around this time last year, you’ll understand that there is something even more important to take time to celebrate: family. On that note, I’ll choose to undertake my own monikered Stop-toberfest. I’m going to enjoy those few beers throughout the month but, when also taking the current state of the world in mind too, I’m going to take some down time from the blogging and whiskies to focus on matters closer to the heart.

I’ll still be on the socials occasionally I’m sure and available if needed, but I’m going to use the next few weeks to fully focus on (gasp) the more important things in life and won’t be posting anything. [ed: Don’t worry, I know the internet isn’t going to stop, it just feels like something I wanted to say]

I look forward to catching up with you again in November but as for now: stay safe, cheers, slainte and Prost!


Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen

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