Tasting Notes: Penderyn – Myth

In 2015, Penderyn expanded their core output of whiskies with a brand new range of releases, aimed at the more affordable single malt whisky market. The Penderyn “Myth” sits within this “Dragon” series of expressions , alongside its no-age-statement bedfellows “Legend” and “Celt“. The three releases have all been bottled at 41% ABV and feature the Welsh spirit having been matured in different cask finishes. This “Myth” release has been aged “in a range of specially selected ex-red wine and ex-bourbon casks” and comes in at roughly £35 RRP – and has been bottled at 41% ABV (which more and more of the Welsh whiskymakers’ releases are also being presented at).

Penderyn – Myth


Quite a piercing alco-burn on the nose to begin with. Once that subsides there’s a syrupy sweet smell to the whisky. A bit more time and there is vanilla, red fruits and cake-like flavours all present – basically like a Victoria sponge! A little soapy/perfumed at the end though.


Woody flavours up front and then sweetness spreads. Dark sugars this time though. I’m thinking more in the realms of a sticky toffee pudding, with dark fruits and a little cakey spice. Marsala wine on the close.


Oh, this dram warms you up from the inside out, for sure. Almost too much. A bit heartburn-y but those sweet flavours linger to even it out.


Well, I can’t blame Penderyn for exploiting their main USP in the whisky world here: being Welsh. And it doesn’t get much more Welsh than having the national flag’s dragon emblazoned across the packaging and the blurb embellishing on nation’s proud history and patriotism. Given my previous experiences across the years however with the Penderyn Madeira, I was a bit tentative going into this but still hoping for bigger and better things from the Dragon series. I’ve read that the Penderyn Legend is essentially the same liquid as the Madeira finish release but watered down to 41% ABV.  This is probably a good thing as I thought that the full Madeira, at 46% ABV, needed a fair bit of harnessing with water – proving to be a fine balance to avoid adding so much water as to kill it.  A few years ago I tried a Penderyn “41” expression which I remember liking much more than the Madeira, and I’m not sure if that expression is now replicated as the Myth or the Legend (Celt is a peated expression), but either way, this Penderyn Myth has been a better dramming experience in my book. A lighter dram by colour and body but with some heavy hitting flavours still amongst the melee. A touch of water helps again, as it still has that youthful power and burn but the sweet, fruity and woody elements are far more noticeable and appreciable here.



Sample disclosure: This sample was received as part of The Dram Team’s monthly subscription service. All notes have been drafted as an honest and independent review of the whisky and we welcome you to write your own review and/or comment with your thoughts below.

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