Tasting Notes: Auchentoshan – 12 Years Old

Auchentoshan’s Spirit

Based just outside of Glasgow city centre, Auchentoshan (pronounced ‘ock-un-tosh-un’) prides itself on the purity created via its triple distillation. This process and the local water source result in Auchentoshan producing relatively delicate whiskies, distinctive of the lowland regions also antiqautedly referred to as “ladies’ drams”. It is the flavours from this process and their maturation that makes for the distillery to be so distinctive. The 12 year old symbolises the best overall qualities that an Auchentoshan has to offer and develops upon the “Classic” entry level expression.

ABV: 40%



M: Delicate and fruity. Like sherbet lemons and light currants.

S: Get your nose in there, you will be rewarded with hits of sherry, vanilla, orange peel and currants.



M: Cinnamon and citrus notes ending with a piney hit.

S: A Christmas cake bonanza: marzipan and currents. Piney wood bits too.



M: Smooth and quick leaving some red fruit/berries behind.

S: Smooth with burnt oranges (where did they come from!?), sticky with honey.



M: An easy-going session whisky. Simple, clean, fruity and more-ish. Definitely one that all whisky drinkers can enjoy – at least I hope so because it’s what gave to my wedding party.

S: Grows with complexity, a real mouthful bursting with sweet but charred citrus fruits.

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