News: The World’s First Haggis Beer

Yes, you read that correctly.

Haggis Beer

Today the Flavourly team have launched the world’s first haggis beer. Well, haggis spiced beer to be precise.

Here’s the info from Flavourly:

We’re delighted to introduce the world’s first HAGGIS BEER – Cold Macsween Beer!

Brewed exclusively for Flavourly, in collaboration with Macsween of Edinburgh and Cold Town Beer, Cold Macsween Beer is a full-bodied and balanced pale ale brewed with Scottish malted barley and oats, and a pinch of the same top secret spice blend used in MacSween’s award-winning haggis. Easy-drinking with warming pepper notes, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your Burns Supper.

Cold Macsween Beer

Disclosure: this info appeared in a newsletter directly from Flavourly. I’m under no obligation to post or endorsed/sponsored in any way – I just thought it worth sharing! Photos from Flavourly.

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