News: The Yamazaki 55yo Sold Through Whisky Hammer For…

Last week we shared the press release for Whisky Hammer’s upcoming auction featuring a bottle of Yamazaki 55yo, due to end 28th November 2021 here.

“First unveiled to the world in 2020, the Yamazaki 55 Year Old was limited to just 100 bottles which were sold exclusively in Japan via lottery. Over a year later, a second and final release of 100 bottles were made available to other markets around the world.”

Whisky Hammer

So, we’re talking very rare and desirable stuff!

Well, it sold.

How much do you think it went for?

£1,000? £10,000? £100,000? Maybe a convenient £55,000?

The answer…


Do you think it will be opened, drunk, and enjoyed?

Disclaimer: it wasn’t me. 😇

Another disclaimer: I’m not under any obligation to share this or make any post about it – I’m posting this as it is genuinely interesting to me and is not a promotion.

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