News: I’m On A Boat M******a!

That word is not what you think it is… It is MACKMYRA! The Swedish whisky makers have now literally pushed the boat out and have announced that they are ageing some of their whisky in casks on a barge on the River Seine in Paris! That’s right… on a boat!


Angela D’Orazio and the team can now put on their flippy floppies and crank up The Lonely Island boys (including T-Pain, of course) as they launch a new innovative campaign to age their whisky on Barge 166 – The Floating Cellar by Maison Ferrand in a collaboration with Plantation Rum.

Not only that, but the scheme is actually opening up cask investment to people in Sweden, the UK and Germany, giving you the option to pick your contents, recipe and cask type.

It’s no secret that we are fans of the Swedes and their innovative whiskies and ideas, but this is just something else entirely.

Full details of the cask scheme over on their site here.

For those who don’t get the title reference, here’s The Lonely Island ft. T-Pain for your (foul-mouthed) entertainment…

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