Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Prestige

The Moments releases by Mackmyra look to offer something extraordinary to your usual whisky offerings, and are presumably called ‘Moments’ as they are offered in very limited runs for a single period of time. With that in mind, the Prestige is certainly no exception to that practice, presenting a no-age-statement release that has been solely matured in Champagne casks from the famous French district’s Philipponnat House. Despite the lack of age statement – which the distillery tend to steer clear of – Mackmyra are very transparent with their processes and state that “youngest part of the whisky has been aged between the years 2006 – 2017, and the oldest part, which makes up 40% of the total volume, was aged between the years 2004 – 2017”. The Prestige expression is captured at their house preference of 46.1% ABV, without chill filtration and all that nonsense, and is limited to just 4,111 bottles. Top hats and tailcoats at the ready, let’s get prestigious…

Mackmyra – Prestige



Wow. That really fills the nostrils with a range of bright and powerful fragrances. Initial waves of nutty and oaky flavours just hit you straight away. Once it’s settled, the main smell that I am getting though is that of a cherry Bakewell tart! There’s just something about it that really brings that memory home – all the components are there: cherry, almonds, and sweet sweet icing.



The dessert notes just keep coming here as there is honey, peach, and cut apples initially followed by a strong and distinctly oaky wood flavour and then an even fuller flavour of that oak flows in still with an additional grassy / hay-like flavour that really takes hold. The tarts are still there but are somewhat squashed underneath all of the fallen oak.



This has a really drying finish to it – presumably the influence of the champagne. Strangely though, as the stronger, earthier flavours fizzle out it leaves the lighter. sweeter, green apple and pear-like flavours behind.



With the name “Prestige”, you’d expect high end and, until I looked into it, I wasn’t expecting to see champagne cask maturation – certainly high end in terms of source material and not something that you usually see in the whisky market! Unfortunately that theme does naturally continue into the price at ca. £100 for the Moment release. The Moments range does lean towards more unusual influences though and this happens to taste like a cut above an old school whisky. That said, this does seem to be more mature than other Mackmyras with the oak flavour itself adding to the wood’s spices. It’s also intriguing that the different cask choice seems to result in the sweetest flavours only appearing long after the liquid has gone with that drying finish. Just a bit beyond your average budget for something experimental, but, on that note, seemingly yet another successful experiment from the clever Swedes. As they have reached their 20th anniversary, they are really making a name for themselves and spreading their wings. Long may it continue. From this Moment, to the next.



Sample disclosure: This sample was received as part of The Dram Team subscription service. Only a short measure but a long tale told.