Distillery Visit: Old Pulteney

It's fair to say that when the trip of a lifetime was arranged between three of us from WU to head up to Orkney, we were pretty excited about the prospect of dropping into Old Pulteney on the way. Many a whisky drinking session ended up in grand plans of heading up the northeast coastal... Continue Reading →

Hello To Old Pulteney’s New Fleet

Over a year ago now, back in June 2017, our friends at Old Pulteney reported that they would be discontinuing their much loved 17yo and 21yo expressions by mid-2018. Since the announcement, stocks of the 21yo quickly ran out though you can still get your hands on the last bottles/cases of the 17yo if you... Continue Reading →

Farewell to Old Pulteney 17yo and 21yo

Two weeks ago (June 2017) I saw a tweet recommending that people (with deep enough pockets) should snap up bottles of Old Pulteney's 21 years old expression as it was due to be discontinued. Whilst distilleries are often changing up their releases, the 21yo has been a staple Old Pulteney release for some time and,... Continue Reading →

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