Tasting Notes: The English Whisky Co – Chapter 6

When the St. George's Distillery was created, the Nelstrop family of Roudham, Norfolk, set out to document the story of their development and the first English whisky made in ca. 100 years by releasing their spirit in "Chapters". Chapter 1 took the form of the colourless, unpeated new-make spirit, bottled after just 1 month or … Continue reading Tasting Notes: The English Whisky Co – Chapter 6

Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Skördetid

Mackmyra are renowned for their no age statement, flavour-dominated expressions and are very capable of keeping their collectors happy with numerous limited editions and seasonal releases. This whisky is no different in that respect, but quite different in many others. This seasonal release is named with the Swedish word for “harvest time” and is intended … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Skördetid