Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Fjällmark

Another month, another Mackmyra review and another first (certainly for me): a cloudberry wine seasoned single malt! Happy days! (I really could get used to this!) The Fjällmark (‘Mountain Land’) expression sits within the Moments range of Mackmyra releases, representing another rare and unique offering into the whisky world. The bottled spirit comprises a series... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Grönt Te

As the whisky market becomes more and more saturated (so to speak) the need for distilleries to stand out from the crowd becomes increasingly important. Mackmyra have been at the forefront of that experimental side with numerous special releases focussing on differently seasoned casks. Last year saw the Swedes release the world’s first whisky to... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Tullamore DEW – 18 Years Old

Traditionally known for their blend of triple distilled pot still, malt and grain whiskies, Tullamore D.E.W. have developed a core range of whiskies that showcase their blends and barrel influences. There are however, exceptions to this key formula, and the Tullamore D.E.W. 18 years old release is a single malt offering, i.e. comprised of solely... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Tullamore DEW – 14 Years Old

Apparently, this Tullamore D.E.W. has seldom been seen on British shores and has often been sold by the Irish whiskey-makers within the travel retail and foreign exclusive markets. Sampled here as part of a Tweet Tasting however, this 14 year old whiskey, takes the classic combination of Tullamore D.E.W. by blending their signature concoction of... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Kilchoman – Loch Gorm (2017)

The Loch Gorm expression by Kilchoman is an annual release which is exclusively matured in sherry casks. Since its introduction in 2012, the annual release has garnered a loyal following and has quickly sold out upon its availability. Given that the premise of the release is that this is an annual offering, the distillers are... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Kilchoman – Sanaig (2017)

Until the Hunter Laing development on Islay is fully up and running, the team at Kilchoman are still the new kids on the block in the island's whisky production game, and they have been producing some fantastic whiskies to stand out amongst the melee of peaty players coming from the much-loved isle`. The Sanaig release... Continue Reading →

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