Tasting Notes: Wemyss Malts – The Hive (Batch Strength No.2)

Since first releasing blended malt whiskies in 2005, the Wemyss Malts team have continued to develop a stable core range of products that best example some of scotch whisky's key unique identifiers: sweet, spicy and smoky. These three characteristics are represented within the three unique expressions that comprise their core range: The Hive, Spice King … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Wemyss Malts – The Hive (Batch Strength No.2)

Tasting Notes: Mackinlay’s – Shackleton

Ask yourself this: what would I need to take with me when heading out on an incredibly perilous, unpredictable and life-threatening expedition to unchartered territories in Antarctica? Bear in mind that the year that you are asking yourself this question is 1907 too, so iPhones, laptops  and complex geo-positioning devices are not even the stuff … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Mackinlay’s – Shackleton