Tasting Notes: Compass Box – Oak Cross

Sat within Compass Box's signature range is their "Oak Cross" blended malt scotch whisky. To those not fully versed in whisky-speak, that it is to say that it is a mixture of only malt whiskies from multiple distilleries. As per Compass Box's transparency drive, they state that this bottling is a mix of 60% Clynelish,... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Compass Box – Asyla

When reading any material about the current trend/boom of premium blended whisky, you will not have to look too far before discovering the influence of Compass Box. The London-based scotch whisky bottlers (yep - they are London-based, but they have an office in Edinburgh though, so that’s legit, right?) have very much been at the... Continue Reading →

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