Tasting Notes: Dà Mhìle – Tarian

For St David’s Day, I wanted to post about a Welsh whisky. And no, it’s not from THAT distillery. Whilst THEY have been flying the flag for Welsh whisky for some 20+ years now, it was Dà Mhìle distillery that actually resulted in Wales being declared a whisky making nation. Come again? Well... European legislation... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Penderyn – Myth

In 2015, Penderyn expanded their core output of whiskies with a brand new range of releases, aimed at the more affordable single malt whisky market. The Penderyn "Myth" sits within this "Dragon" series of expressions , alongside its no-age-statement bedfellows "Legend" and "Celt". The three releases have all been bottled at 41% ABV and feature... Continue Reading →

Whisky: Scotch Independence?

As we approach 18th Sept 2014, the debate rages on throughout Scotland and the UK about whether or not the Scots should vote for Scottish independence. For whisky drinkers, this mirrors one question that has often considered too: do I stick to just scotch whisky or not? The answer is that only you can really... Continue Reading →

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