Tasting Notes: The Lakes Distillery – The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.6

The Lakes distillery have been somewhat prolific of late. Numerous Whiskymaker’s Editions have been released, which demonstrate individual different styles and influences on their spirit, along with the issue of their first “Whiskymaker’s Project” - a showcase of 7 bottlings each with a different ex-sherry cask influence - essentially demonstrating the breadth of flavours available... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Jura – Red Wine Cask Edition

Since the 2018 relaunch of the main Jura single malts line-up, their “Signature Series” has been gradually expanding. Starting in 2020, that original roster saw a subset of “Cask Editions” being added to their output. This started with the Red Wine Cask Edition, (reviewed here), then the Winter Cask Edition (essentially a Sherry cask finished... Continue Reading →

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