Aerstone: Sea Cask or Land Cask?

The whisky world is one that has traditionally been shrouded in mystery, machismo and grandeur. All too often are people put off by some the snobby connotations or the fact that it has its own language. One of the most widely recognised and revered names in that whisky world, and particularly, the Scotch whisky world... Continue Reading →

An Evening With… Compass Box

Since starting whiskyunplugged, we have been writing about enjoying whisky in all its many guises and trying to demystify the fusty world that the whisky market of old had created for itself. Whilst we have been doing so, the whisky market has also widely been diversifying its products with welcome twists, interpretations and experimentation. We... Continue Reading →

Tasting Notes: Compass Box – Double Single

Sat within Compass Box’s Limited Edition Range is the Double Single blended scotch whisky. For this release, the blenders have sought to demonstrate that a blended whisky need not feature fractional components of dozens of whiskies to create an enjoyable blended whisky experience. Based on this premise, the whisky gets its name from the fact... Continue Reading →

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