Tasting Notes: Glen Moray – 30 Years Old (Murray McDavid)

September 2017 marked the 120th anniversary of Glen Moray distillery having been first opened and having constantly crafted the water of life. Loyal followers of the distillery on twitter have been using the hashtag #glenmoray120 to tag their celebration of the occasion. Having recently reviewed their regularly available Elgin Heritage 12 and 15 year old … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Glen Moray – 30 Years Old (Murray McDavid)

Tasting Notes: Benromach – Chateau Cissac

Speyside's Benromach have been rapidly expanding their range of whiskies available in recent years, with a solid core range and then seasonal additional releases. One area that has particularly piqued whisky enthusiasts' interests is their experimentation with different cask influences via their "Wood Finish" series within the "Contrasts" range - see notes on their Triple … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Benromach – Chateau Cissac

Tasting Notes: The English Whisky Co – Chapter 9 

Based down in Norfolk, the English Whisky Co has been making ripples in single malt production as England's primary whisky distillers. Their marketing from day one has been very clever as it invites people along the distillery's own journey and development, by inviting drinkers to enjoy each "chapter" within their whisky making book. The Chapter 9 … Continue reading Tasting Notes: The English Whisky Co – Chapter 9