Tasting Notes: Highland Park – Valfather

This whisky represents the third and final part of Highland Park’s Viking Legend series. The trilogy started with Valkyrie in 2017, followed by Valknut in 2018, and now this closing release of 2019: Valfather. Each release has been supported by heavy Viking imagery and mythology alongside designs from Danish designer Jim Lyngvild. The Valfather himself … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Highland Park – Valfather

Tasting Notes: Mackinlay’s – Shackleton

Ask yourself this: what would I need to take with me when heading out on an incredibly perilous, unpredictable and life-threatening expedition to unchartered territories in Antarctica? Bear in mind that the year that you are asking yourself this question is 1907 too, so iPhones, laptops  and complex geo-positioning devices are not even the stuff … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Mackinlay’s – Shackleton

Tasting Notes: Highland Park – 10 Years Old

During the summer of 2017, the Highland Park core range of single malt whisky releases went through quite the stylistic rebrand as the Orkney dwellers put their viking heritage marketing into overdrive, with 3 age-stated whisky bottles each featuring some new gnarly embossing, and the names, Viking Scars, Viking Honour, and Viking Pride. Of these … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Highland Park – 10 Years Old