Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Stjärnrök

Towards the end of 2021, Mackmyra released what would be their final autumn/winter release in their successful and progressive Seasonal Collection: Stjärnrök. The name Stjärnrök translates into English as “Star Smoke” and whilst 2020’s autumn/winter release, Jaktlycka, focussed on the earlier season’s influences, the 2021 expression has focused particularly on nature’s more wintry elements. Think … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Stjärnrök

Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Vinterglöd

Much like the fashion catalogues of yesteryear that used to appear through our letterboxes, Mackmyra annually produce a Spring/Summer edition and an Autumn/Winter release within their “Seasonal” subset of single malt whiskies. Each year the team manage to push the envelope of whisky maturation in a direction that suits the season. Vinterglöd is no exception … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Vinterglöd

Press Release: Mackmyra’s Successful Hunt For Magical Flavours

Mackmyra has a proud history of challenging the whisky industry’s traditional norms and also of having a desire to highlight Swedish nature, flavours and craftsmanship outside the country’s borders. In line with this, the company now presents this year’s autumn edition Jaktlycka (Hunting Success), which is a whisky inspired by our ancient forests and its … Continue reading Press Release: Mackmyra’s Successful Hunt For Magical Flavours

Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Fjällmark

Another month, another Mackmyra review and another first (certainly for me): a cloudberry wine seasoned single malt! Happy days! (I really could get used to this!) The Fjällmark (‘Mountain Land’) expression sits within the Moments range of Mackmyra releases, representing another rare and unique offering into the whisky world. The bottled spirit comprises a series … Continue reading Tasting Notes: Mackmyra – Fjällmark